Harold Emert (New York City,1944- )



Compositions available on Sheet Music Plus / Sheet Music Direct

Partial list of works available:


-Double Concerto for violin, oboe, strings, piano and percussion

-Three Brazilian Sketches for oboe, strings and piano

-Unpopular Concerto for English horn or cello, string orchestra and Brazilian percussion

-Oboe Concerto no. 1 for oboe, strings and Brazilian percussion

-Portraits of Brazilians for oboe and strings




Overture to the opera ‘Crime Doesn´t Pay’ (with soprano solo)

Diary of a Day (string orchestra)



Chamber Music

Two Movements in Search of a Woodwind Quintet

Three Divertimentos for oboe and bassoon

Four Short Pieces (Miniaturas) for flute and oboe

Divertimento for Amy (oboe and bassoon)

Trio for oboe, flute (violin) and piano


Wind band (Two oboes, English horn and Bassoon)

Three Ancient Dances (Cha oboes, English (poodle dance)

Phantasy on Alexander´s Ragtime Band

Winds of Change

River of Doubt (Homage to Theodore Roosevelt in the Amazon Rain Forrest, with narrator)



Solo Oboe


Study for oboe and bells (Ringing Bells)

Romance (from the Brazilian film “Twice with Helena”)

Love for two double reeds

Yayuny (Belly dance)

Stilt walkers (with or without live stilt walkers)

Three Etudes

Dreams of the Northeast

Valsa 6 (inspired by one-act play by Brazilian playwright, Nelson Rodrigues)

Corner waltz

High Roller (for oboe and dice)

Hamantaschen (Purim treats)


Oboe and Piano

Phantasy – Overture on Crime Doesn’t Pay

Phantasy on Irving Berlin´s Alexander’s Ragtime Band


Nocturne for Noel




Oboe and guitar

Corner Waltz


English horn solo

“Variations on a Brazilian theme”

“Variations on an Irish tune” (Music for St. Patrick´s Day by Harold MacEmert)

“Suzette´s Apple Tree”




Portrait of Vivian



Guitar solo

Teresopolis suite



Violin solo

Death Comes Early

Solo sonata




Solo sonata



Violin with piano


Soliloquy – Romance-Poodle Dance


Trumpet and Piano

“Look Back in Anger” (theme for play)

Trombone (or Bassoon) and piano

Variations of a Boring Lecture

A Week of Four Thursdays


Brass Quintet




Bassoon solo

Three short studies



Piano solo

Four 12-tone pieces

Two Preludes

Las Vegas Blues

Variations on California Here I Come


Narrator-Actress and oboe

Without warning (Sem Aviso) of Clarice Lispector

Ecce Puer (James Joyce)

I Booed Your Music (Harold Emert)

Poem Poem (Bjorn Pederson)

I live with a Cat (A Cat Lives with Me)

For Double Reed Band (two oboe, English horn and bassoon)

Death Comes Early (Fernando Pessoa)




Call 1-9-0 and the Police Never Come

Crying in the Bangui 2 Penitentiary

Call the Doorman

Chorinho for Dracula




Am I Singing the Right Music?

Alice in Wonderland

Romance (from ‘Crime Doesn’t Pay”)

Prisoner of Rio

I Live with a Cat

Music Majorama (1965 Follies for Queens College, New York)

Alice in Wonderland (musical with lyrics of Robert Smolensky)

“I Remember Sarah” (Kohut Follies)

“Electchester” (Apartment living par Excellence)




Trio by Radames Gnattali for oboe, bassoon and piano (originally for violin, cello and piano)

Oboe and string orchestra: Bar 20 (Sergio de Pinna)

Oboe and. piano: Mignone Valsa da Esquina, Valsinha

Oboe solo: various Valsas of Mignone

For Wind band (two oboes, English horn and bassoon)

Grieg´s Norwegian Songs

Tom Jobim´s Modinha (aliso arranged for sax quartet)

Villa Lobos: Bachianas no. 5 (originally for soprano and cellos)



Oboe and Piano (arrangements)

Notícias (News) by Nelson Cavaquinho

Noel Rosa (Ribbon (Fita Amarela)

Pastorinhas (Shepherdesses)

(Or for oboe and bassoon)



Arrangements by others of my works

Chorinho 1-9-0 (Oboe and small orchestra)-arr. Bruno

1-9-0 (arr. Lenir Siqueira) for flute, oboe and clarinet (and piano optional)

(Clarinet part can be transposed to bassoon)

1-9-0 changed to “Wear a Mask “for singer and oboe and clarinet